7/16/20 Mountain Bike Construction Update

Howdy Giants Ridge Mountain Bike fans!  We will be utilizing this blog for weekly trail construction updates throughout the summer.

We currently have two crews from Rock Solid Trail Contractors working at Giants Ridge.  The crew led by Elias has been here since the beginning of June, and has been focusing on Downhill Trails.  They started by tuning up Goliath prior to opening, and for the last 4 weeks or so have been building our newest trail gravity trail that has yet to be named.  We knew that we wanted this trail to have more of a “tech” feel, and if you look at the pictures I think they are doing a good job of achieving that feel on a machine built trail.  The first main feature on the trail is an incredibly steep channel in between two massive bedrock outcroppings.   Pictures don’t do this justice!  The trail then has a quick berm, a jump, and then transitions to a crazy rock berm that feeds you onto some ledge rock and down the longest rock garden at the ridge!  Again the pictures don’t capture just how long this is!  From there the trail starts to mix in a little dirt with the rocks, the builders were happy for the change!  The further down the hill they have gotten, the more they have incorporated more dirt into the trail.  The crew is now about half to 2/3 of the way down the hill and the trail is really shaping up.

The second crew is led by Erik, and is focusing on the xc single track trails to the south of the ski area.  They started about a week ago, and have been working on tying together a few segments that had been started by a different contractor last summer.  They have some nice terrain to work with, and the trail is looking to be a fun ripper.  I know that I’m excited to be able to start to round out our offerings at the ridge so that both DH and XC riders can find something that they will enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoys these posts, and we look forward to sharing more info as we continue to build out these amazing trails

Benji Neff – GR Director of Mountain Sports

Nice photos by Benjamin Bartz and blury photos by Benji Neff

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