7/23/20 Trail Construction Update

Trail construction continues to move along at a good clip and the two Rock Solid crews continue to make good progress even with a slightly wetter week than we have had in a while.

Elias and his crew are making good progress on the bottom Third of the new double black diamond gravity trail.  As of today they are starting to turn back towards Goliath, where the new trail will tie in.  The trail continues to feature an incredible amount of rock work and will definitely give the trail that rugged feel!  The section you see Elias stacking rocks in is where the trail turns back to the north.  It is fun to watch the progress from when he first sets the boulders, all the way until the hand crew completes the chinking!  At this point in the process it is really easy to see the amount of work the hand crew does cleaning up the area that will grow back in.  This attention to detail really adds to the overall quality of the trail!

The XC crew led by Erik has continued to make good progress despite the rain on Tuesday.  You can see some sections of trail that are still very wet, but in our experience once those sections dry out, they will be the firmest parts of the trail.  It is cool to see how far they have made it in the past week, and even more exciting to picture riding this trail.  We will incorporate this new segment as part of the Long GRIND course this year.  I think it will be a fun addition to the event!

I hope everyone has been getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather we have had this week!  Its nice to have the temps a little lower!  Have a great weekend on two wheels!

Benji Neff – GR Director of Mountain Sports