7-30-20 Trail Construction Update

Good Afternoon Biking Friends!


Today is an exciting day at the Giants Ridge Bike Park.  We officially announced that our new Double Black Diamond Technical trail called Granite Gorge will open tomorrow.  Rock Solid finished it up this week, and the reports from the test rides are that it is awesome and fast!  It is certainly an incredibly difficult trail, with some incredible rock work that went into building it.  We went through some different discussions about what to name the trail.  We ultimately settled on Granite Gorge due to the vast amount of granite that went into building the trail.  The gorge part, you will understand when you drop into the first section.  The trail joins up with Goliath about 2/3 of the way down the hill, so you will ride Goliath back to the lift.  As always if you are riding the trail this weekend, take it easy the first few times, and learn the trail!


The Rock Solid XC Crew has continued to make good progress as well.  They have hit some typical Giants Ridge water issues, and are elevating the tread to work these areas.  As always they continue to move tons of rocks and boulders to make the trail, but it looks to be coming together very well.  I think there is a good chance they will connect up next week, however the trail will need a good while to dry up as there are some very soupy areas from the last few rainstorms.  The goal is still to use this trail for part of the Long GRIND course so that will hopefully be a fun addition to the event.


Thanks everyone for reading, and have a great weekend on two wheels!


Benji Neff – GR Director of MTN Sports