8/13/20 Trail construction update

Wow, what a week!

We have a lot going on this week at Giants Ridge!

On top of the bike park construction, we also have been preparing for the GRIND mtb race that is this Saturday. I have one pic of signing the course in there. It takes a long time to mark and sign a 36 mile bike race! Fortunately I had John Filander, our Mountain Sports Director Emeritus, helping me out with it!

Ok now to the good stuff, Trail Building! We have FIVE crews working on trail at Giants Ridge right now! That is a crazy amount of trail being built every day! I will work from the North to the South.

To the north of the ski area we have three crews building xc single track. Flow Track Trails has two crews, and they are doing an incredible job. I was pretty jazzed when I first looked at the trails they were building. They are both Scenic and Fun! I can’t wait to put tires on them! Also building in the North unit is Driftless, and he continues to make really good progress as well. Once those trails are open, they will be a real treat for any xc enthusiasts such as myself!

Moving to the middle of the hill, Elias and his crew from Rock solid continue to work on the Green gravity trail. I’m super excited with how this trail is looking. Everything I have seen has been the right “shade” of green. I think the builders think I’m a little goofy because I get the most excited for green trail, but the reason is, it is the hardest to build well on the terrain we have. This might seem counter intuitive to what people would think, but when you look at the boulders and the granite slabs we have around the property, it starts to make sense. We are hoping to open a small segment of this trail this weekend, if it hardens up in the next few days.

Finally the southern most crew is the xc crew from Rock Solid. Erik and his gang finished up the XC trail that they had been on for about the last month, and it looks (and rides) awesome! We are going to use this section of trail for the GRIND (trail conditions permitting). We haven’t formalized the name of this trail yet, but we are leaning towards Norway, because it intersects with the Oslo xc ski trail, and it takes you through some beautiful Norway pines. Once the race is over, we will determine when this trail is ready to officially open up.

So that is the update for this week. I hope you get out and enjoy some trails this weekend!

Benji Neff
GR Director of Mountain Sports