8/6/20 Trail construction update

Trail building is starting to ramp up!

We have officially launched our third crew working at Giants Ridge! Frency from Driftless Trails has begun working on the xc trail system to the north of the resort near the Silver XC ski trail. He is currently building a green xc trail along the edge of a bluff line. This trail looks like it will have awesome vistas of the ski hill. We look forward to watching this trail progress!

Elias and his crew from Rock Solid have moved to the next gravity trail. If you are riding this weekend, you will see where it peels off from Tadpole at the top of the hill. The goal with this trail is to keep it very Green the whole way down, which is challenging to do. So far the crew is doing a fantastic job of that. The berms are well shaped, but not so big they are intimidating. One of the jump opportunities is very wide so both the jump section and the roller section have plenty of tread width to make the rider feel comfortable with either choice. I hope this is the green trail we have been waiting for.

Erik W. and the xc crew from Rock Solid are within a few days of connecting their trail up to some of the existing trail that was constructed last year. There are still several sections of this trail that need to fully dry before it can be ridden, but it has dried a lot since last week, so that is encouraging. This trail is continuing its beautiful and smooth flow through the woods. They are starting to get to what I think will be one of my favorite areas. Norway pines have always been my favorite tree and they are just getting to a beautiful grove of them. I am looking forward to the trail drying out so I can ride the whole thing in its entirety.

That’s it for this week, more crews starting next week so there will me more exciting activity in the weeks to come.

Have a good weekend and ride safe!

Benji Neff – GR Director of Mtn Sports.