9-4-20 Trail Construction Update

Hey MTB Fans,

I’ve heard a few different people describe all the trail building we have going on at Giants Ridge Ridge right now as a Circus, and if that is true, then Jeremy (one of our project managers) needs a top hat! Honestly though, if this is a Circus, then I think we are the Cirque Du Soleil of Mountain Bike Trail building! Seeing all the different, but high quality trail being developed throughout the property is super exciting! So without further adieu here is what is happening this week from North to South.

Flowtrack has two crews working in the silver trail area, and they are putting down some serious footage out there. The crew that was working near Wynne Creek has moved inland, and is now working on a Black piece of single track that is looking really cool. They have done a good job of finding good dirt to build with, while still keeping the finished trail very narrow, which helps give it that black feel. The other Flowtrack crew is still working on their blue trail, and they continue to make the trail very fun and playful. They just came around a cool little ravine that looks pretty cool. Driftless trails continues to work on their connectors at the start of the system, and we are starting to see glimpses of more finished trail in that area.

Moving to the mountain, Pathfinder trails just started building their new DH trail. They have really only had one day of building, but it is already fun to see their flavor and style come through on the trail. As Adam (Pathfinder Owner/Builder) would say, “the stoke birds are chirping”. This should be an exciting build as time goes on! Meanwhile the Rock Solid gravity crew is putting the finishing touches on Ribbit 3, while Elias has moved his machine back up to the top of the mountain to start the last DH trail he will build. This new trail he is working on is planned to be a “blue roller coster” so it will be fun to see how this develops. We are hopeful that sometime this weekend we will be able to open Ribbit 3, but the rain this week may impact those plans.

Then the final crew to the south is the Rock Solid xc crew, and then have started their long pilgrimage further south still. They will build all the way down towards the oslo trail, and stay there for the remainder of the build season. The xc trail they just finished looks very fun and will be a fun option to play with off of Ribbit 3 if you don’t mind pedaling to get out of the woods.

That is it for now, we hope to see you on the trails this holiday weekend!

Benji Neff

GR Director of Mountain Sports