9-26-20 Trail Construction Update

Wow – Looks like I got behind on these for a couple of weeks! Despite the lack of blog posts, the builders have still been busy! Starting from North to South: Working near the Silver trail area, the two Flow … Read More

9-4-20 Trail Construction Update

Hey MTB Fans, I’ve heard a few different people describe all the trail building we have going on at Giants Ridge Ridge right now as a Circus, and if that is true, then Jeremy (one of our project managers) needs … Read More

Trail Construction update 8/28/20

Hello GR MTB fans! Lots of exciting updates this week again!  Last weekend we opened Ribbit 1 & 2, and work continues on Ribbit 3.  The crew continues to do an excellent job with this trail, and we are excited … Read More

Trail Construction Update 8-21-20

Happy Friday Morning (I know this is half a day late) Once again we have had a crazy week of trail building and other mountain biking activity here at the Ridge. First off I would like to say thank you … Read More

8/13/20 Trail construction update

Wow, what a week! We have a lot going on this week at Giants Ridge! On top of the bike park construction, we also have been preparing for the GRIND mtb race that is this Saturday. I have one pic … Read More