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Winter Operations Update - 12/18/20

As we are approaching our Holiday season and seven-day-a-week operations, we wanted to give a detailed operational update about all things Giants Ridge.Please purchase all products and sign your waivers online before you arrive!  We can't stress enough how much this helps us speed-up the process when you arrive at the resort. If you are having trouble booking online, feel free to call our Guest Services office during normal operational. Click title to continue reading.

Mountain Bike Trail Construction Update - 9/26

Working near the Silver trail area, the two Flow Track Crews continue to make good progress on their trails. Matt and his crew are still moving to the north, while the other crew has finished a black loop, and is making their way back to the south. Once the two crews meet up they will keep working their way to the south to complete the system. Also in the North System is Driftless trails, the one man army led by owner/operator "Frenchie". Frenchie is responsible for creating all the green connections at the start of that system.Continue Reading..

Mountain Bike Trail Construction Update - 9/4

Flowtrack has two crews working in the silver trail area, and they are putting down some serious footage out there. The crew that was working near Wynne Creek has moved inland, and is now working on a Black piece of single track that is looking really cool. They have done a good job of finding good dirt to build with, while still keeping the finished trail very narrow, which helps give it that black feel.Continue Reading..

Mountain Bike Trail Construction Update - 8/28

Lots of exciting updates this week! Last weekend we opened Ribbit 1 & 2 and work continues on Ribbit 3. The crew continues to do an excellent job with this trail, and we are excited to see to see it tie in so we can open the rest up. Ribit 3 also ties into the new XC trail that Rock Solid is building. Continue Reading..

Mountain Bike Trail Construction Update - 8/21

Yesterday we met with Adam Buck of Pathfinder Trail Building, the final trail builder who will be bringing his crews over here in about 2 weeks. Adam and his crews will be building two of our final gravity trails. This was a very exciting meeting, because the two trails that Adam will be building should help to round out the mix of trails we have in the bike park.Continue Reading..

Mountain Bike Trail Construction Update - 8/13

To the north of the ski area we have three crews building xc single track. Flow Track Trails has two crews, and they are doing an incredible job. I was pretty jazzed when I first looked at the trails they were building. They are both Scenic and Fun! I can’t wait to put tires on them! Continue Reading..


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