July 30 Course Update

Greetings Giants Ridge Golfers We wanted to take an opportunity to update our golfers about some of the aesthetic course conditions at Giants Ridge this summer. Over the winter, our agronomic team took extra precautions to ensure that any young turf would be protected from the harsh winters we experience in the region. These included covering some of our most susceptible greens, installing trenches to prevent ice buildup and adjusting fungicide applications. Our efforts paid off! We did not experience extreme damage this past winter and our conditions are getting closer and closer to the standards we are all used to. One thing that you may notice this summer at Giants Ridge is a slight discoloration on some of our greens. This is a common challenge that most golf courses in the region face. Poa Annua (the lighter colored plant you see on our greens) grows and spreads much quicker than bent grass (the darker colored plant on our greens). In order to get the bent grass to grow into the places where the poa is currently residing we have to chemically weaken the poa plant. This weakening results in the discoloration you are seeing on some of the greens. While it might not be the coloration of the greens that you are accustomed to, this process is getting us one step closer to the conditions we all know and love. This process may have a very small, if any, impact on playability. You may experience some small bumps. Our agronomy team is diligent in maintaining smoothness of the greens with rolling and verticutting techniques. This is a temporary process that we will work through for the duration of the season. With the cooperation of Mother Nature, we we hope it will be quicker than predicted. The experience of our guests is of the utmost importance to us at Giants Ridge. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are happy to answer them! Please call our Golf Shops directly at 218.865.8030. Sincerely, The Giants Ridge Golf Team  

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