Due to extensive storm conditions, Mountain Biking will be closed this weekend. The Legend and Quarry Golf Course are open. Please see Benji’s Blog for more details.

Live Music on the Range

Opening: Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes is the Neil Young tribute band consisting of well-known Minnesota rock musicians. Rich Mattson(Northstars, Ol’ Yeller) and Alan Sparhawk (LOW, Black Eyed Snakes, etc.) are on guitars and vocals. The band’s rhythm section is Rich’s brother Glen Mattson (I.R.O.B., Glenrustles) on drums and bassist Kraig Johnson (Golden Smog, Run Westy Run).

Tired Eyes is named after one of the more dismal songs from the Neil Young album, “Tonight’s the Night” and they perform music from Neil’s golden 70’s - 80’s era. Songs from Harvest, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Rust Never Sleeps…all your favorites. And many surprises and deep cuts. This authentic feedback-laden Bigsby guitar and 4-part vocal group’s shows bring about a very joyous and memorable evening that’s just about as good as the real thing. Some have even said better, but let’s not get carried away.

PHOTO: Left to right Rich Mattson, Kraig Johnson, Glen Mattson, Alan Sparhawk Learn More

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