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Woodzen is an indie rock band based in the Twin Cities who draws from its influences from a number of genres. The band formed when Jake Johnson and Brody Kucera met as freshman roommates at Hamline University in the Fall of 2018.

Johnson is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar and violin and draws inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. He grew up playing violin in church with his family as well as the school orchestra. Kucera is a percussionist from southern Minnesota who spent many years in school playing in drum lines and moved to the trap set in college.

In 2019, they added bassist Bob DeLage and in 2021 completed the band with the addition of keyboardist Lydia Lecher and saxophonist Peter Hanson. Woodzen has recently started to perform at coffee shops and the St. Paul Farmer’s Market and has a number of upcoming shows.

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The story goes that the Big Wu, bound for rock stardom, sold their souls for a case of Old Style beer one thirsty night long ago. The legend and the band live on. Still rocking their powerful, moving, and energizing original music for the fans. A jam band with a unique style and presence, the Wu combine strong, free flowing improv and vocal harmonies, with finely crafted songs for all tastes. Oh, and their fans are famously friendly. - The Bug Wu website Learn More


Joining together in the name of fun & joy, the 4onthefloor bring their well-oiled, high-octane, rock’n’roll to the world with an immediacy rarely seen on stage in the 21st century. The furious delivery ebbs and flows with sing-a-long anthems and breakdowns to soaring guitar solos and unbridled full-bore rock. Camaraderie is a common theme, and stompers are finding like-minded rock’n’rollers at every show. Hailing from Minnesota, they take the heavy road route, grooving in the tracks of so many rubber to the road musicians before them. Following in the footsteps of some of the band’s influences, being on the road plays a large role in the writing. The merriment must come from all angles, including the stage for a memorable show and the 4onthefloor BRING IT. Douglas writes about experiences, failures, successes, and not-so-much the what-could-have-beens. Life is for the living and this is the soundtrack to a life well-lived. Keep the fire in your eyes. -4ONTHEFLOOR website Learn More

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