Due to extensive storm conditions, Mountain Biking will be closed this weekend. The Legend and Quarry Golf Course are open. Please see Benji’s Blog for more details.

Giants Ridge Sustainability

Sustainability at Giants Ridge

At Giants Ridge, our sustainability committee is committed to leading the way in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and resources of our pristine environment. We strive to create a holistic culture of sustainability that aligns with our values and ensures the longevity of our recreation area for generations to come.

Sustainability Projects

Pool & Sauna Haus

The new Pool and Sauna Haus at Giants Ridge blends seamlessly with its picturesque surroundings. With large windows flooding the interior with light, guests enjoy stunning views while relaxing in the warm, inviting atmosphere. The focal point is the expansive indoor pool, complemented by wellness amenities like a sauna and hot tub.

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