Trail Construction Update 8-21-20

Happy Friday Morning (I know this is half a day late)

Once again we have had a crazy week of trail building and other mountain biking activity here at the Ridge. First off I would like to say thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, and staff that made the GRIND a fantastic event. It was a fun day, and everyone seemed to be excited that we were able to pull off a small/medium sized bike race!

Ok into the good stuff – trail building! Yesterday we met with Adam Buck of Pathfinder Trail Building, the final trail builder who will be bringing his crews over here in about 2 weeks. Adam and his crews will be building two of our final gravity trails. This was a very exciting meeting, because the two trails that Adam will be building should help to round out the mix of trails we have in the bike park. One line will have a little more of a tech feel, while the other will be more so a blue jump trail. The terrain seems fairly well suited for both trails, so I am confident that Adam and his team can deliver on our plans for these trails.

As we look forward to Adam and his team arriving, we also have a lot of exciting trail that is still being built. “Frenchy” who owns Driftless trails continues to make progress on the trail he is working on. It is interesting to watch his technique compared with the other crews. He is a one man show, so he has to be very strategic about how he plans his work. Flow Track Trails has made very good progress on the two trails they are working on to the north of the ski area. One trail parallels with the Wynne Creek flowage, and has beautiful vistas of the river and lowlands! The other trail is more in the center of the “silver trail complex” and is very flowy and playful. The rolling glacial moraine that is left in that area is absolutely perfect for flowy trail like this! We are looking forward to having these trails completed and opening them to the public!

Work continues on the new beginner green trail that branches off from Tadpole. Elias is on vacation, but Erik form the other rock solid crew has stepped in, and is keeping the slightly smaller crew moving. This trail is looking very good and seems to be the right shade of green. I’m looking forward to putting some tire tracks on it this afternoon. The Rock Solid xc crew has been working on a new xc trail trail for the past week and it is starting to take shape. This trail will branch off from the new trail that Elias has been building, and heads down to the south, where there is some cool terrain that will be fun to explore. Then the return to the hill will be the xc trail that hasn’t been named, but I am referring to as Norway. We are getting sign decals ordered for that trail, and we plan to open it in the next week or so.

Lots going on, and lots more to come. Should be a great fall of riding ahead of us at the Ridge!

Benji Neff – GR Director of Mountain Sports

Photo Credit: Good Photos: Benjamin Bartz, ok Photos: Benji Neff