Trail Construction update 8/28/20

Hello GR MTB fans!

Lots of exciting updates this week again!  Last weekend we opened Ribbit 1 & 2, and work continues on Ribbit 3.  The crew continues to do an excellent job with this trail, and we are excited to see it tie in so we can open the rest of it up.  Ribbit 3 also ties into the new XC trail that Rock Solid is building.  The builders want to call this xc trail “Rolling Stones” time will tell if this gets past our exhaustive trail naming process!  This xc trail heads to the south and will tie into the xc hub down that direction.  The trail is fun and playful, and has several stones to roll over.  I think this will be a fun little trail to add into a day of gravity riding for people who don’t mind pedaling a little to get out of the woods.

To the North, we have two crews working currently, with the third due to return next week.  One of Flowtrack’s crews has picked up where they left off on the trail that parallels the Laurentian XC ski trail.  This is going to be one of the most scenic trails of the system as it adjacent to the Wynne Creek area for a majority of the way.  One of the tough things about working in our woods is the excessive amount of brush.  This is particularly true for both Flowtrack and Drifless.  They have to do a lot of work to clear the brush just to be able to start building.

With 1 more Flowtrack crew and 2 Pathfinder crews still to come, we will have a lot more building yet to come this season, so it is exciting to see what next week will bring!

Have a great weekend!

Benji Neff

Giants Ridge Director of Mountain Sports