Giants Ridge Policies

Children on Chairlifts

Out of safety concerns for our guests, employees, and resort property, Guest Services Management, in conjunction with its operational plan as operator of Giants Ridge, does not allow individuals younger than 3 years old to embark, ride and disembark on a chairlift at Giants Ridge. In addition, Giants Ridge does not allow skiers/snowboarders, mountain bike riders or any other individuals riding a chairlift to carry an infant or toddler in their arms, backpacks, chest packs, baby bjorns or other similar devices.

This policy stems in part from the safety concerns with the infant/toddler and/or parent as well as for the safety of our employees. The basis for this policy, in part, is that the national safety standards which govern chairlift design and operations (referred to as the ANSI B.77 passenger ropeway safety standards) requires chairlift passengers to be individually able to access chairlifts on their own accord and ability. Also, the chairlift’s design precludes the use of a pack by a guest. In addition, because of safety concerns related to the potential evacuation of chairlifts and the equipment employed in such evacuations, our evacuation procedures require that a passenger not be unencumbered by carrying infants in their arms or in packs – both for the safety of our guests and our employees and mountain patrol who conduct such evacuations. Lastly, there are additional safety concerns related to skiing/snowboarding or mountain bike riding with an infant in a pack or child carrier, especially the potentially elevated risks of skier vs. skier collisions or collisions with objects and the potential harm to an infant in a pack or carrier – no matter how well trained or the expertise of the adult carrying the infant.

Early Season Nordic Skiing Policy


In the interest of guest and employee safety this policy provides for a designated area of machine made snow for use by Nordic Skiers during snowmaking operations.

2.0 SCOPE:

This policy applies to all Nordic Skiers utilizing terrain within the Alpine Ski Area Boundary, from the start of the snowmaking until snowmaking operations are complete.


Alpine Ski Area: Includes all terrain shown in grey on the Giants Ridge Nordic & Snowshoe Trail Map. For purposes of this policy, the Nordic Stadium will be considered part of the Alpine Ski Area.

Nordic Trail System: includes all trails listed as Nordic Ski Trails and designated as such the Nordic and Snowshoe Trail Map. Generally available only as sufficient natural snowfall allows.

Base Area: Generally flat area at the bottom of the Alpine Ski Area, starting at the Nordic stadium and stretching to the area in front of the Sports Pavilion. The only portion of the alpine area available to Nordic skiers.

Nordic Skiing/Skiers: Anyone engaged in the act of classic or skate skiing.



Anyone Nordic Skiing at Giants Ridge must have a valid Giants Ridge Nordic Season Pass or Daily Nordic Ticket, with a current waiver signed and on file.


Each Monday and Friday Giants Ridge will publish a map on the Giants Ridge website of the available section of the Base Area that will be groomed and tracked for Nordic skiing. The designated skiing area may include any combination of: The Nordic Stadium, adjacent to the Lodge; Base Area Courtyard, between the South and Main Chalet, Beginner’s area, St. Moritz and Greely’s Way runs; and the Nordic route to the Snow Sports Pavilion. Only the terrain shown on the most current map is available for Nordic skiing.

4.3 RULES:

Nordic Skiing will be available only from 4pm – 6pm daily, or as otherwise published on
Skiing outside of designated areas or hours may result in loss of recreational privileges.
Nordic Skiing within the ski area boundary is not permitted at any time except as shown on the Designated Nordic Skiing Area Map posted on the Giants Ridge Website.
It is the Nordic skier’s responsibility to know which area is available for skiing.
Be aware that mountain operations take place 24 hours a day; snowmobiles, snowcats, snowmaking and other hazardous equipment may be encountered at any time. It is the Nordic Skiers responsibility to stay clear of all mountain operations.
Nordic skiers are responsible for their own safety. No ski area services, including ski patrol, are available when the ski area is not open. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency when the ski area is not open.

eMTB Policy

Giants Ridge allows Pedal Assist eMTB (class 1) that weigh 50 lbs or less on all the Gravity Trails and South XC Trails. The bike carriers used on the chairlift are not designed to handle bikes heavier than 50 pounds.

eMTBs are not allowed on any of the trails in the Enchanted Flowest. These trails are on USFS property, which does not allow eMTBs of any kind.