Due to extensive storm conditions, Mountain Biking will be closed this weekend. The Legend and Quarry Golf Course are open. Please see Benji’s Blog for more details.

Ride like a GRL!

Women's Intro to Mountain Biking

In this Intro Women’s Mountain Biking clinic, is designed for women riders who want guidance in building confidence and skills to take their mountain biking to the next level.

This is not an intense downhill or jumps clinic, it is safety minded fun. Our coaches will cover the fundamentals and get you out on the bike trails.

  • July 10 | July 17 | July 24
  • 5-7pm
  • Ages: 18+


Women’s Intro to Gravity Clinic

The perfect way to continue to build on with what you learned in session one. This Progression Clinic is the next step to grow fundamental skills plus learn a host of new mountain biking skills to keep participants riding properly with increased speed, control, and confidence.

  • July 26 | August 2
  • 4-6pm
  • Ages: 18+


Women’s Skills Clinic

Elevate your Riding Skills! 

2-day Skills Clinic | Beginner-Advanced Clinic

Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced level mountain biker, there’s a place for you at the Giants Ridge Women’s Only Mountain Bike Weekend.

Our Professionally Certified Mountain Bike Coaches will focus on making you a better rider through increased confidence and improved understanding of the relationship between you and your bike.

Dates: August 3 & 4

Early Check-in: Friday evening 6PM-8PM

  • Check in location is the Mountain Sport School, located in the lower level of the Main Chalet
  • SWAG bag – T-shirt, Burnt Onion Kitchen & Brews voucher


  • Check in 9:45AM
  • Coaching 10AM-4PM


  • Yoga 9AM-10AM
  • Coaching 10AM-1PM

For Ages 18+


Thank You to Our Program Sponsor!

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