Fat tire biking is one of the hottest new winter sports and Giants Ridge is one of Minnesota’s first ski resorts to offer it to our guests. Winter fat tire mountain biking is also one incredible workout burning up to 1,500 calories an hour!


Fat Tire Trail Pass
Giants Ridge offers both day and season fat tire trail passes. Call for more information.


Fat Bikes – $75/day or $40 for 4-hours or less

Fat Bike Etiquette Tips at Giants Ridge:
Fat tire bikers are not permitted to carry their bikes up the chairlift. Fat tire bikers are new users on the trails and should be extra polite and courteous. Here are a few tips to always keep in mind when riding fat tire bikes at Giants Ridge:

General Fat Tire Biker Nordic Trail Etiquette:

  • Bikes yield to all other users. Skiers don’t have brakes, you do!
  • Fat bike lane – Ride on the firmest part of the track.
  • Leave room for skiers to pass.
  • Do not ride in the classic ski tracks.
  • Stay to the right side of the trail around corners and look for oncoming traffic.
  • Allow the track time to set-up after grooming and before riding.
  • Don’t ride any old mountain bike out there – Purpose-built fat bikes only!
  • Spread the word about fat tire biking at Giants Ridge – make it fun, keep it safe.

Do not ride on the groomed trail if:

  • There is fresh snow, and you are leaving a tire rut deeper than one inch
  • You are having a hard time riding in a straight line
  • Your bike’s tires are narrower than 3.7″
  • Your bike’s tire pressure is greater than 10 psi


Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time!


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