Due to extensive storm conditions, Mountain Biking will be closed this weekend. The Legend and Quarry Golf Course are open. Please see Benji’s Blog for more details.


Summer Recreation Operation Update 6.1.2023

Date: June 1, 2023
Category: Benji's Blog Blog

2″ of rain in 1 hour

We needed moisture…

but not quite like we got it last night. Giants Ridge had a major storm roll through last night and it was not kind to the trails! The water came down so heavy and so fast we are seeing more damage to trails in many places than we saw from the spring melt!  We have slumped berms, washed out landings, and saturated trails across the park.

In the 5+ seasons we have been open, I don’t think we’ve had a single storm be this impactful to our operation.

With that said, we unfortunately have to close the bike park and scenic chairlift operations this weekend.  Our trails crew is focusing their efforts on repairing the trails and patching things back together.

Summer Recreation Update

If you are planning to come out this weekend we will have the rest of our summer operation open including disc golfing(on a very soggy course), climbing wall, and road bike rentals. These operations will run reduced hours from 10am-4pm.

We hope everyone has a good weekend and hope to have many of the trails tuned back up by the 9th. 

Benji Neff

Director of Mountain Sports

Giants Ridge

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