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The Perfect Minnesota Skiing Destination

Date: January 4, 2023
Category: Blog

Giants Ridge is your perfect Minnesota skiing destination this winter.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a winter wonderland with award-winning skiing and terrain parks that have served as a training center for U.S. athletes. Keep reading to learn more about your perfect MN skiing getaway at Giants Ridge.
The Ultimate Minnesota Skiing Experience

The Ultimate Minnesota Skiing Experience

Giants Ridge is one of the best midwest skiing destinations in the gorgeous Minnesota Northlands. In 2022 Giants Ridge was voted Minnesota’s Gold Best for Ski Hills and Minnesota’s Silver Best for Ski Resorts in Minnesota’s Best. When we say Giants Ridge is one of the best Minnesota skiing experiences, we aren’t exaggerating!

The Giants Ridge Nordic trail system was designed and originally used to be a training center for U.S. Ski Team athletes. The cross-country skiing trail system stretches throughout the Minnesota Superior National Forest. You can enjoy a thrilling MN cross-country ski trip at Giants Ridge with terrain for all different types of abilities.

Our gorgeous Minnesota Northlands ski destination has two skiing/snowboarding terrain parks. Placid Terrain Park is our ski terrain park for beginners. It features three small jumps and small rails and boxes further down the hill. Garmisch Terrain Park is our largest ski terrain park, perfect for more advanced skiers. It features three large jumps and 10 – 15 rails and boxes.

The Other Thrilling Winter Activities at Giants Ridge

  • Snow Tubing: No skiing or snowboarding skills are required to have a blast snow tubing in Minnesota at Giants Ridge. The tentative opening date is December 26, but it could vary depending on the weather. Giants Ridge has three fun snow tubing lanes and an incredible tow lift.
  • Fat Bike: Giants Ridge was one of the first MN ski destinations to offer fat tire biking for even more opportunities for winter adventures. There are two thrilling fat tire biking options at Giants Ridge. You can ride over 60 kilometers of Nordic trails or enjoy downhill, fat biking if you feel courageous. In 2021, we recently added a high-speed chair lift for elevated fat tire biking fun!

Premier Minnesota Skiing Rentals and Lessons

If you are a skiing beginner, rest assured our Minnesota ski destination has excellent lessons and equipment rentals. All of the Giants Ridge skiing lessons require a helmet as well as a pass or lift ticket. Make sure you book your lessons at least 48 hours before your trip, though, to ensure you have a spot.

Giants Ridge has a fantastic selection of skiing equipment, fat tire bikes, and snowboard equipment rentals for your Minnesota winter adventure. You can contact the Giants Ridge Rental shop for more information at 218.865.8024.

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